Welcome to your guide of being a first time parent.

The moment that you have waited so long for has finally arrived, the birth of your newborn baby. Like all other expectant parents you’ll have spend the last nine months preparing for this day. You’ll have read books, search on the internet on a wide range of baby topics and wondering how you’ll ever cope with the baby preparation. Finally the day has arrived to bring your newborn home from hospital. In the crib lies your sleeping baby and the most exciting adventure of life is about to begin.

Unfortunately newborn babies don’t come with an instruction manual, which can make becoming a first time parent daunting. However do not fear we’ll take you through step by step how to survive the first few weeks and beyond as you settle into motherhood. You’ll find information on what to expect in the first year of your baby’s life. You’ll also find advice on everything you need from how to handle your baby right though to immunisation to protect against serious infectious diseases.

The information and advice we provided is just a practical guide and by no means dictates what you should and should not do. Every baby is unique and will react different in all types of situations. As a new parent you’ll soon learn what works for you and your baby. Being a first time parent you may want to visit some baby boutiques to get some cute, adorable clothes to dress your baby in.

You have now entered into a new chapter of motherhood and this is the start of an incredible journey. The best thing you can do is enjoy your baby as your infant will grow and develop at such an incredible speed during the first year of his life.