Being a first time parent is very daunting  and yet at the same time a very exciting time .  You’ve survived nine months of pregnancy. You’ve made it through the labour and delivery, and now you’re ready to bring your newborn baby home and begin life. Once home you may find that you are totally exhausted and starting to get anxious by all this new mom stuff.  My experience shows that those first few weeks with your newborn can be pretty intense. To help you we have put together a survival guide packing with lots of useful and practical guide on how to cope as a first time parent.

As a new parent you’re bound to have questions on everything from handling your new born baby, getting breastfeeding started, soothing your crying baby, to washing and bathing your baby, changing their nappy and helping your baby to sleep. We have put together a guide on all you need to know about how to care for your newborn baby.  The more you learn about caring for your infant, the more you’ll get to know your baby’s little quirks and the more comfortable you’ll start to feel being a parent.

With a little practice and some guidance you will cope brilliantly with those first chaotic days and months ahead and be a pro in no time.