Bath time is bonding time, as it is one of the rare periods in the day when mums are not distracted by anything else. It is actually a special time, which should be treasured as you can give your newborn your entire focus and attention. Your gentle, loving touch during the baby’s bath and cuddle time afterward supports your baby’s healthy happy development. It can be a bit scary the first few times you bathe your newborn. Try to stay calm and maintain a firm hold of your baby when moving them in and out of the bath.

  • Before you start set everything you will need to bath your newborn within arm’s reach so that you can keep one hand on your baby at all times.
  • Make sure your newborn is kept warm during bath times
  • Put cold water in the bath tub first, then top it up with hot water
  • The bath temperature should between 37 degrees C to 38 degrees C.
  • Put your baby’s feet into the bath first and use one hand to support her neck and head.
  • Make sure the water covers your baby shoulders so she doesn’t get cold.