Babies cry for all sorts of reasons -it’s how they communicate. Sometimes it’s easy to calm them down all it takes is a feed, a change of nappy or your calm voice to comfort your fussy newborn. But then there are other times when your newborn seem inconsolable no matter what you do. It may even be enough to drive you to tears. But don’t lose hope. Here are some ways to help soothe your newborn:-

  • Sucking – help find their thumb, fist or finger as sucking can help calm your newborn
  • Driving – driving around the block combines steady motion and white noise
  • Swaddling – creates a cozy cocoon that will prevent their limbs from twitching and help them go to sleep
  • Noise – create some white noise by turning on a hair dryer or hover as this mimics the sound inside of the womb
  • Talking the familiar tone of your (mother’s) voice is one of the most effective soothers for babies
  • Distract – shift their attention to a new object