Handling a newborn can be daunting particularly for first time parents. You may feel like you have no idea what you are doing. They appear so fragile, but they are resilient and with your love and affection, you can care of a newborn. If you can hold your newborn firmly and with confidence, they will feel safe and more relaxed. Here are some tips on how to handle a newborn baby.

  • Try moving slowly and smoothly when lifting and holding your newborn. Remember your newborn is used to the security and comfort of your womb, any jerky movements or a lack of support will make her feel nervous.
  • The usual way to hold a newborn is to cradled in the bend of your elbow joint, close to your body, using your upper arm to support the head.
  • To lift your newborn from a lying-down position is to put a hand under each of their arms. Use your fingers to support their neck and head before bringing your arm and elbow round to hold her in the normal way.
  • Once your newborn is a bit older and they can hold their head up by themselves, you can hold them upright against your chest, one hand on her bottom, one giving her head support. Babies seem to prefer being held this way – as it give themselves a view of the world from the safety of your shoulder.