The nursery is where you and your newborn is going to spend a good deal of time, so it’s important to make it a calm, comfortable region for both of you. The nursery should be a peaceful region, designed for freedom of use and solace. Pick a area that tends to have the warmest tendernes in the house, hitherto is slightly away from all other action.

As excited as you may be, try not to overcrowd the area with newborn nonsense. Just start off with the essential points like a cot, changing counter, dresser, and rocking chair- a comfortable rocking chair is likely to be relaxing for you and create a solacing gesture for your newborn at feeding time.

For those early days you might want to consider having your newborn sleep in a mosses basket, as the mosses basket is portable you have been able have your newborn in the same area as you while they are sleeping, so you have been able save a close see on your newborn. A mosses basket is smaller than a cot so your newborn might seem most secure in a mosses basket rather than a cot.

You can’t be in all places at all meters, so is now going get a newborn observer. This will be especially comforting to you during baby’s first days at home.

Before your newborn arrives stock up on newborn flourishes, newborn cleans and nappies !!